June 27th, 2007

connor and g-rex

posting query

I have a quick query that I'm hoping someone far better with technology than me may be able to help with (particularly the 'Primeval crowd' as fredbasset calls it!)

Last time I posted fanfic, I made two separate posts, one to Primeval_ITV and another to Primeval_Fanfic.   This meant that the comments posted on one community were seaparte from comments on the other community, and had all the associated faffing of posting twice.

Question - how do I do the link thing and post fanfic here on my livejournal, and link it to the communities rather than going through the rigmarole of posting twice or three times to different comunities/livejournals?

I had a look at the FAQ, but was left none the wiser as to how to actually do it.

Any advice, please?

I've got more fanfic ready to go, and and want to get it posted.
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