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Andrew-Lee Potts in 'New Years Day'

I know there are surprisingly few people on my Primeval f-list who share my squee over Andrew-Lee Potts, but I've just watched a film he was in - New Years Day - and felt the need to comment.

F***ing hell, that film was good. 

And thank you very much to Alyse for the recomendation on this one.

I didn't cry, but was damn close, and I still have a lump in my throat now and it's been at least quarter of an hour since the credits rolled. A little over an hour and half of A-LP acting his socks off completely. He plays one of the two main charatcers (he is, in fact, the lead actor in the film), and he is onscreen for almost every scene in the film. It was made in around 2000/2001, so A-LP was actually about 20 when they filmed it, although he looks so scarily young that quite frankly if I didn't know better I'd quite happily believe that he was the sixteen that his character is meant to be. 

Brief plot summary - two school friends, Jake (Andrew-Lee Potts) and Steven (Bobby Barry), are the only survivors of a freak accident that kills all of their friends on a school trip. In the aftermath, struggling to cope with what has happened and the loss of his girlfriend, Jake tries to commit suicide. Steven stops him by making a promise - that they will live the next year completely, doing anything and everything that they want, not caring about the consequences, and fulfilling a list of tasks (such as 'rob a bank', 'do drugs', 'crash a car'), before the following New Year when they will both commit suicide together. 

It sounds depressing, but it isn't nearly as bad as you might think. And the main selling point really is the fact that A-LP acts his heart out in every single scary, angry, angsty, hilarious, and heartbreaking moment of it. (And, like so many actors with an accent, his Yorkshire accent gets beautifully strong when he's angry.)

I won't give away the ending, but see above, re me almost having a girlie weepie (which to be fair isn't that unusual with good weepie films/tv programmes).

I think it was a fairly small independent production, and as such had a fairly small production run. I got my copy from the second hand market on Amazon, and it didn't seem to be available as new any more. 

I'll be completely honest here; unless you're a really huge A-LP fan then it's probably not worth spending money on it, but if you ever have the chance to see it on tv it is well worth watching. Really. 

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