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2018 reading list

It seemed to work quite well last year, so I'm doing a reading list post again to keep track of what books, journals and magazines I'm reading all year.

Last year's post revealed some interesting trends, such as I seemed to go through very definite fiction vs. non-fiction phases. I also tended to binge and catch-up on magazines en-masse in between books, rather than being able to read a book *and* a magazine at the same time. Not sure why that should be, but never mind...

This year I'm also toying with the idea of doing mini book reviews as well, but given how much of my to-read pile is non-fiction on the theme of ancient Greek and Roman history, I sense any book reviews may not have a wide audience here! Possibly this may be more relevant for the fiction.

I'm also doing Book Bingo this year, but felt the need to keep this list as well, as I suspect I'll be reading quite a lot of books that will not fit a square, so the bingo by itself won't be a full picture of my reading habits for the year.


Current Archaeology 332, November 2017
Current Archaeology 333, December 2017
Ancient History 12, September/October 2017

New Scientist 3163, 3rd Feb 2018
Writing Magazine January 2018
Astronomy Now January 2018, vol 32 no 1
Astronomy Now February 2018, vol 32 no 2
Astronomy Now March 2018, vol 32 no 3

The Story of Voyager - Sky At Night magazine special edition

Ancient History no. 13 Nov/Dec 2017

Current Archaeology 334, January 2018
New Scientist 3170, 24th March 2018
Astronomy Now April 2018, vol 32 no 4
New Scientist 3175, 28th April 2018
Writing Magazine February 2018
Sky at Night April 2018

Writing Magazine March 2018
New Scientist 3180, 2nd June 2018
New Scientist 3181, 9th June 2018
New Scientist 3182, 16th June 2018 (in theory I only buy New Scientist when there are articles that particularly interest me. Between astronomy and evolution, they went through a phase of having *lots* of things that interested me!)
Current Archaeology 335, February 2018
Current Archaeology 336, March 2018
BBC History Magazine June 2018
BBC History Magazine July 2018 (technically I bought these as market research to help me write an article for a Nottingham Writers' Club non-fiction competition. But luckily there were also several articles that I found quite interesting).

Astronomy Now May 2018, vol 32 no 5
New Scientist 3185, 7th July 2018
Writing Magazine April 2018
Writing Magazine May 2018
Writing Magazine June 2018
Writing Magazine July 2018
New Scientist 3188, 28th July 2018
Astronomy Now June 2018, vol 32 no 6
Astronomy Now July 2018, vol 32 no 7

Astronomy Now August 2018, vol 32 no 8
History Revealed 55, May 2018
History Revealed 56, June 2018
All About History issue 64
All About History issue 65
New Scientist 3186, 14th July 2018
BBC Focus August 2018
Space Shots - The Greatest Images of the Universe - Astronomy Now special edition
New Scientist 3192, 25th August 2018
History of Witchcraft - All About History special Edition

New Scientist 3193, 1st September 2018
New Scientist 3194, 8th September 2018
Current Archaeology 337, April 2018
Current Archaeology 338, May 2018
New Scientist 3195, 15th September 2018
Astronomy Now September 2018
Current Archaeology 339, June 2018
New Scientist 3196, 22nd September 2018

New Scientist no 3197, 29th September 2018
Astronomy Now October 2018
New Scientist no 3198, 6th October 2018
New Scientist no 3199, 13th October 2018
New Scientist collection - Civilisation

New Scientist no 3200, 20th October 2018
New Scientist collection - Our Planet
Ancient History no 14, Jan/Feb 2018
New Scientist no 3201, 27th October 2018
New Scientist no 3202, 3rd November 2018
New Scientist no 3203, 10th November 2018

New Scientist no 3204, 17th November 2018
New Scientist no 3205, 24th November 2018
New Scientist no 3206, 1st December 2018
Astronomy Now November 2018
New Scientist no 3207, 8th December 2018
New Scientist no 3208, 15th December 2018


The Cuckoo's Calling, by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling under a pseudonym). Fiction. Started 13/1/18 - finished 16/1/18

A Little Gay History, R. B. Parkinson. Non-fiction. started 17/1/18 - finished 18/1/18

The Greeks and Greek Love - a radical reappraisal of homosexuality in ancient Greece, by James Davidson. Non-fiction. Started 18/1/18 - finished 2/4/2017 FINALLY FINISHED!!! \o/

The Silkworm, by Robert Galbraith. Fiction. Started 20/1/18 - finished 23/1/2018

Career of Evil, Robert Galbraith. Fiction. started 24/1/2018 - finished 28/1/2018

Just One Damned Thing After Another (bk 1 in the Chronicles of St Marys series), by Jodi Taylor. Fiction. Started 13/3/18 - finished 16/3/2018

A Symphony of Echoes (Chronicles of St Marys bk 2), by Jodi Taylor. Fiction. Started 17/3/2018 - finished 18/3/2018

A Second Chance (Chronicles of St Marys bk 3), By Jodi Taylor. Fiction. started 18/3/2018 - finished 21/3/2018

A Trail Through Time (Chronicles of St Marys bk 4), by Jodi Taylor. Fiction. started 4/4/2018 - finished 4/4/2018 (I was off work sick with a horrendous cold and read it cover to cover in a single day).

How Evolution Explains Everything About Life (New Scientist 'instant expert' series), edited by Alison George. Non-fiction. Started 7/4/18 - finished 9/4/18

The Demon's Brood - the Plantagenet dynasty that forged the English nation, by Desmond Seward. Non-fiction. Started 11/4/18 - finished 8/5/2018

No Time Like the Past (Chronicles of St Mary's bk 5), by Jodi Taylor. Fiction. Started 14/4/18 - finished 18/4/18

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Chronicles of St Mary's bk 6), by Jodi Taylor. Fiction. Started 20/4/18 - finished 22/4/18.

1177 BC - The Year Civilisation Collapsed, by Eric H. Cline. Non-fiction. Started 25/5/18 - finished 6/6/18.

Lies, Damned Lies, and History (Chronicles of St Mary's bk 7), by Jodi Taylor. Fiction. Started 6/6/2018 - finished 10/6/2018

And The Rest is History (Chronicles of St Mary's bk 8), by Jodi Taylor. Fiction. Started 10/6/2018 - finished 11/6/2018

The Long and Short Of It (Chronicles of St Mary's collected short stories), by Jodi Taylor. Fiction. started 12/6/2018 - finished 23/6/2018

It's Not Rocket Science, by Ben Miller. Non-fiction. Started 29/6/2018 - finished 1/7/2018.

Our Human Story, by Louise Humphrey and Chris Stringer. non-fiction. started 1/7/2018 - finished 3/7/2018

The Ends of the World, by Peter Brannen. Non-fiction. Started 4/7/2018 - finished 12/7/2018.

An Argumentation of Historians (Chronicles of St Mary's book 9), by Jodi Taylor. Fiction. Started 22/7/2018 - finished 26/7/2018

Rivers of London, By Ben Aaronovitch. Fiction. Started 18/8/2018 - finished 18/8/2018 (read the entire book in a single day, which was a bit inconvenient as I'd had plans for things I needed to do that Saturday, but I ended up jut reading this book from cover to cover!)

As You Wish - Inconceivable Tales From the making of The Princess Bride, by Cary Elwes with Joe Layden. Non-fiction. Started 23/8/2018 - finished 25/8/2018

The Grieving Stones, by Gary McMahon. Fiction. Started 30/8/2018 - finished 1/9/2018

Strain, by Amelia C. Gormley. Fiction. Started 1/9/2018 - finished 2/9/2018

The Martian, by Andy Weir. Fiction. Started 23/9/2018 - finished 24/9/2018

Nothing Is Ordinary, by Viv Apple. Fiction. Started 17/10/2018 - finished 17/10/2018

Wolf Brother, by Michelle Paver. Fiction. Started 19/10/2018 - finished 20/10/2018

300, by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley. graphic novel. Started/finished 10/11/2018

The Extraordinary Voyage of Pytheas the Greek, by Barry Cunliffe. Non-fiction. Started 11/11/2018 - finished 24/11/2018

Tamed, by Alice Roberts. Non-ficiton. Started 25/11/2018 - finished 19/12/2018

The Thirty-nine Steps, by John Buchan. Fiction. Started 23/12/2018 - finished 29/12/2018

The Woman in Black, by Susan Hill. Fiction. Started 30/12/2018 - finished 30/12/2018

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