athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

I'm back!

So, um, sorry for the complete absence the last few weeks. Unexplained internet issues meant I couldn't get lj to load *at all*, and most other internet sites were really slow and sometimes failed entirely, especially if they were quite picture/graphics heavy. I have no idea why this happened, but last week it started working fine again, just as suddenly as it had started being weird in the first place.

Fingers crossed it was a temporary glitch, possibly with the internet connection rather than with my laptop, although it's so old and slow these days anything is possible.

But hopefully all is well again, and I can start catching up with everything I've missed since the start of July!

In good news, however, this enforced absence from the internet does mean I have caught up on a lot of reading, and watching things I have recorded off the TV (watched the entire second series of The Last Kingdom over two consecutive weekends, which was fun - Destiny Is All!). Still need to update my reading list post with everything I've read, though. I'm doing particularly well on non-fiction books and magazines/periodicals at the moment. \o/

Tags: ramblings, random, reading list

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