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E-book cover for Something Like a Situation

Probably my last fill for hurt/comfort bingo round 7, it fills the 'Forced Marriage' prompt on my hurt/comfort bingo card.

This is an e-book cover for a fic that was posted way back near the beginning of Atlantis fandom, when series 1 was still airing, and it was all fun and fluffy and silly, and Jason/Pythagoras was the most obvious pairing (for 'obvious' read 'flashing neon signs of slash that you could see from orbit').

Something Like a Situation by Halotolerant taps into that early series 1 vibe, and I honestly think it reads like something that could almost *actually* have happened in a episode back then. The boys are adorable (with a teeny bit of angst), and Hercules is hilarious, and the Oracle is... well, read it and find out! Go on, read it. You won't be disappointed.

Story summary by the author: Jason takes a deep breath: “So what you’re saying is that because of a fertility ritual that’s a thinly veiled excuse for an orgy, which has in any case probably been rigged to keep me away from Ariadne – who, incidentally, I am not interested in – I end up having to marry Pythagoras?”

Hercules thinks a moment. “More or less."

e-book cover for Something Like a Situation

title or description

Full size 600 x 800 version here

Tags: fandom: atlantis, graphics, hurt comfort bingo, jason, jason/pythagoras, pythagoras, slash, the oracle

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