athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

Atlantis wallpaper: Captured!

Another fill for hc_bingo round 7, his one fills the 'Cages' prompt on my hurt/comfort bingo card. I'm afraid it's another Atlantis wallpaper, and yet another Pythagoras/Icarus pairing fill.

I really didn't intend for this bingo card to be largely filled with a single pairing, but that seems to be what is currently happening. Clearly I have no willpower to resist the pretty, lol! Also, for this one, I was completely unable to resist the temptation for angsty, in-peril!Icarus and badass!Pythagoras coming to his rescue. Just in case you were wondering, I HAVE NO REGRETS! ;-)

Icarus has been kidnapped by slave traders, and he knows it won't take long before he is sold and taken away - it is always the young, physically fit and good looking ones who sell fastest. Caged underground, he is unaware that rescue is already on the way, and that Pythagoras has no intention of letting anyone take his love without one hell of a fight.

title or description

Full size 1000 x 750 version here

Tags: fandom: atlantis, hurt comfort bingo, icarus, pythagoras, pythagoras/icarus, slash, wallpaper

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