athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

Atlantis wallpaper: Inhuman

Second fill for round 7 of hc_bingo, this one fills the Robots/Androids prompt on my hurt/comfort bingo card.

I have to admit I’ve had the idea for cyborg!Pythagoras for ages; it was originally inspired by girlwhowasnt, and the awesome Ariadne Ascending vid. However, it was only yesterday at the last minute that I had the idea to turn it into an episode 1.8 AU. And then it grew a plot. Why, brain?

All screencaps taken from episode 1.8 – The Furies, and most of the dialogue has been taken from that episode and tweaked a bit.

In a post-apocalyptic world where technology is feared, Pythagoras has spent his whole life hiding a dangerous secret. Now a terrible accident has revealed the truth, and the people he loves most have finally seen him for what he really is: Illegal. Inhuman. An abomination.

A monster.

title or description

full size 1000 x 750 version here

title or description

full size 1000 x 750 version here

Tags: fandom: atlantis, gen, graphics, hercules, hurt comfort bingo, jason, pythagoras, wallpaper

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