athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

Hurt/comfort bingo round 7

Yey! It's hc_bingo round 7 time!

Here's my shiny new card.

Protect and Serve (Atlantis)
mercy killing
Remembrance (Atlantis)
deals with demons interrogation fever / delirium
forced marriage
e-book cover for Something Like a Situation (Atlantis)
learning to be loved forced to rely on enemy / rival
Last Resort (Atlantis wallpaper)
robots / androids
Inhuman (Atlantis wallpapers)
comfort food or item / feeding someone medication WILD CARD de-age mutation
Gifted (Atlantis)
"I'm Sorry" (Atlantis wallpaper)
eating disorders bruises cuddling attacked by a creature
Fail (Atlantis)
Captured! (Atlantis wallpaper)
first transformation
Primal Instincts (Atlantis)
stalkers loss of voice confession in desperate situation
Never (Atlantis)

Still no 'loss of vision'. However, I have 'mercy killing', which fits *perfectly* with the fic I was intending to write for the major character death fest (which sadly is no longer running, but I may still write the fic anyway), and I also have 'robots/androids', which is clearly nature's way of telling me that I need to finish the cyborg!Pythagoras wallpaper that I started ages ago!

Let the whumping begin! *rubs hands gleefully*

Tags: hurt comfort bingo

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