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Hurt/Comfort Bingo March challenge

The hc_bingo March challenge is for a set of recs based on three prompts. This year my prompts were 'Loss of Vision', 'Ostracised From Society', and 'De-Age'.

And here are the recs...

Prompt: Loss of Vision
Title: Insensitive part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5
Author: echo_fangirl
Fandom: Primeval
Characters/Pairing: Lester/Connor
Rating: mostly PG
Word Count: 25,340
Summary: Lester has been having headaches, and they're getting worse.
Why I’m Reccing This: It’s a long, plotty hurt/comfort fic, which is always a good start. But this fic is really about the relationship between Connor and Lester, and how they both deal with a situation in which the normally proud, independent, powerful character of Lester is forced to rely on Connor as his condition deteriorates.

Prompt: Loss of Vision
Title: When I Consider How My Light Is Spent
Author: paperscribe
Fandom: Lewis
Characters/Pairing: Lewis, Hathaway
Rating: teen
Word Count: 4305
Summary: An unfortunate incident during an arrest blinds Hathaway, and could lead to some big changes.
Why I’m Reccing This: This is a lovely fic that shows the friendship between Lewis and Hathaway, and the supportive nature of that relationship. Fics where a character gets blinded often have the unfortunate potential to descend into utter angst-fests, but this one avoids that trope, and largely deals with it in a straightforward and practical way, much the same as the way the two characters involved deal with it, in fact.

Prompt: Loss of Vision
Title: Five
Author: girlwhowasntthere
Fandom: Atlantis
Characters/Pairing: Ariadne/Jason, Jason/Pythagoras, Pythgoras/Icarus, Hercules,
Rating: Mature (warnings – character death, non-graphic violence, partner betrayal, manipulative relationship)
Word Count: 3833
Summary: His heart will blacken. He will be consumed by hatred. And he will be lost to us forever.
Why I’m Reccing This: This is a not-so-literal approach to ‘loss of vision’, as this fic is all about what happens when Jason learns the truth of his parentage and ‘his heart blackens’. His goal, his ‘vision’, of defeating Pasiphae and being together with Ariadne and ruling Atlantis at her side becomes something utterly warped and twisted and dark, something that ends up destroying nearly everyone who is close to him. And Pythagoras, who is normally so perceptive and rational and pragmatic, is blinded by his desperate desire to have his friend back, and he cannot, will not, see what Jason has become. There is no comfort here, only hurt. And boy, does it hurt.

Prompt: Loss of Vision
Title: A Choice
Author: Rilliane
Fandom: Atlantis
Characters/Pairing: Jason, Pasiphae, Hercules, Pythagoras
Rating: general audiences
Word Count: 3902
Summary: Semi-AU. Jason chooses Pasiphae over Aeson.
Why I’m Reccing This: Another ‘Jason goes dark’ fic, this one goes AU from the events of episode 2.11 and Jason makes an alliance with Pasiphae and rules Atlantis with her, abandoning the destiny that the Oracle had outlined for him so long ago. It isn’t easy seeing Jason apparently give up, and turn against everything he believes in. And yet, there might still be hope. Even though he has seemingly turned to the darkside, when he finally faces his old friends again, he just can’t quite bring himself to hand them over to Pasiphae.

Prompt: Ostracised From Society (arguably may also work for Loss of Vision, as Pythagoras loses sight of who he is and what he really stands for)
Title: Choices (The Hinges of Destiny)
Author: Jennistar
Fandom: Atlantis
Characters/Pairing: Pythagoras/Telemon, Jason/Pythagoras, Hercules, Ariadne/Jason
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 17,827
Summary: A sort of AU where Telemon plays a longer game and actually marries Ariadne. He's the enemy of course, but like calls to like and there is no denying he and a heart-broken Pythagoras have more in common than they realise...
Why I’m Reccing This: This fic takes the normally kind, caring character of Pythagoras and makes him dark and dangerous, and more than that – it does it in an entirely believable way. When Pythagoras starts a relationship with Telemon it is with the intention of finding out what Telemon is planning so they can save Ariadne. But more than that, just for once, Pythagoras wants something for himself. However, in the face of friends who appear to take him for granted, and who are largely indifferent to his needs, Pythagoras gradually falls deeper and deeper into the relationship with Telemon, with whom he has far too much in common. When his friends discover what Pythagoras is doing, they go from casual indifference to outright disapproval, and eventually outright rejection of Pythagoras. This fic is long, plotty, has a frighteningly believable descent into darkness for Pythagoras, and is by turns utterly heartbreaking and very, very hot.

Prompt: Ostracised From Society
Title: Snake Girl
Author: Jennistar
Fandom: Atlantis
Characters/Pairing: Medusa/Hercules, Jason, Pythagoras
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1399
Summary: Medusa had always liked snakes.
Why I’m Reccing This: This lovely, yet slightly bittersweet, fic focuses on Medusa and her life before and during her time in Atlantis; her friendships, and her blossoming relationship with Hercules. However, stick around for the heartbreaking twist that finally takes us to her future, alone, cursed, and hiding from the world.

Prompt: Ostracised From Society
Title: A Longing That Persists
Author: AislinCeivun
Fandom: Atlantis/Merlin
Characters/Pairing: Jason/Pythagoras, Hercules, Merlin/Arthur
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 6751
Summary: After losing the closest friends he’d ever had, the people he’d come to consider his own and the land that had become his home, Jason finds it very hard to adapt back to 21st century London.
Why I’m Reccing This: This fic made me cry! In fact, it made me cry on more than one occasion (and the fact that I felt the need to re-read it on more than one occasion should be an indication of how much I love it). This fic finds Jason back in the modern world after five years in Atlantis, and he is struggling. He doesn’t want to be here, he doesn’t want to re-adapt, and this leads to an almost self-ostracism from a society he no longer fits into. All Jason wants is to go home, to Atlantis, and to his friends, and most of all to Pythagoras, but that is the one thing he cannot do. And it’s completely heartbreaking. Oh, and it’s also a crossover with Merlin!

Prompt: Ostracised From Society
Title: Meta – Stephen Hart (links to the next part at the end of each entry)
Author: Cordeliadelayne
Fandom: Primeval
Characters/Pairing: Stephen, and all other characters
Rating: N/A – it’s a meta
Word Count: Not given, but it’s 13 parts (one part per episode for all of series 1 and 2), and series 1 was nearly 19k, so I’d estimate maybe 40-50k in total
Summary: An episode by episode meta of the character Stephen Hart
Why I’m Reccing This: This is an incredibly detailed study of all aspects of the character of Stephen, and of course a large part of his character arc in series 2 was his gradual distancing and eventual ostracism from the team in the light of the breakdown of his relationship with Cutter, which this meta covers and analyses in some detail. It’s fascinating.

Prompt: Ostracised From Society
Title: Keep ’em on a Leash
Author: Celeste9
Fandom: MCU (post Age of Ultron)
Characters/Pairing: Bruce/Natasha
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 3208
Summary: Natasha rarely let herself care this much - she had learned the hard way how to protect herself, from every sort of pain. It had been foolish to stop, but she had wanted... Oh, she had wanted.
Why I’m Reccing This: Bruce may have decided that it’s in everyone’s best interests to hide himself away, but Natasha is nothing if not persistent and resourceful, and she won’t let him do this to himself. This fic is so full of longing and ‘almost’ between two characters who both have issues with trust, but even so manages to be hopeful, even if it isn’t necessarily ‘happy’.

Prompt: Ostracised From Society
Title: The Frog Prince
Author: Clea2011
Fandom: Merlin
Characters/Pairing: Merlin/Arthur, Uther, Gaius, Morgana, Gwaine, Leon, Lancelot, Percival, Gwen, Agravaine
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 58,130
Summary: A teenage Arthur is hit by a mutation spell intended for Uther. Unable to speak and hidden away by his father because of his appearance, Arthur is left lonely and isolated. A few years later Gaius takes on a new apprentice, someone who can understand Arthur and see through the enchantment. Someone with magic. But breaking the spell was never going to be easy.
Why I’m Reccing This: This is a great long plotty fic, with a lovely slow-burn relationship at its heart. Arthur is forced into isolation by his father who is ashamed and embarrassed by his son’s appearance due to a curse, and his life is only made bearable by the support of Merlin and a select group of friends who are close to him. When it all goes to hell and he is finally exposed to the people of Camelot, though, social ostracism is the least of Arthur’s worries.

Prompt: De-Age
Title: Merlin Under a Spell
Author: pennies_4_eyes
Fandom: Merlin
Characters/Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: not rated
Word Count: n/a - art
Summary:Merlin is De-aged. Arthur gets to protect him this time.
Why I’m Reccing This: Awwwwwwwww! Just, awwww! This art of Arthur taking care of a magically four-year-old Merlin is just adorable

Prompt: De-Age
Title: The Little Prince
Author: RedQueen
Fandom: Merlin
Characters/Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: general audiences
Word Count: n/a - art
Summary: Where Arthur gets into trouble and is insufferable, and Merlin finds that he adores Arthur in spite of it.
Why I’m Reccing This: Like the art listed above, but with the positions switched – this time Arthur is the one who is a tiny child, while still being very, very Arthur. Of course, Merlin gets protective, regardless.

Prompt: De-Age
Title: Gentle, Gentle
Author: polomonkey
Fandom: Merlin
Characters/Pairing: Merlin, Arthur, Gaius
Rating: general audiences
Word Count: 4382
Summary: Merlin's fed up and Arthur accidentally de-aging himself to an eleven year old is the last straw. But Arthur as a child turns out to be a much more vulnerable prospect than Merlin could have imagined...
Why I’m Reccing This: This is lovely hurt/comfort. It starts out light and fun, but rapidly becomes very angsty when Merlin discovers that Arthur’s childhood was not the happy, spoiled existence he had expected, and it is up to Merlin and Gaius to take care of a frightened, distressed young prince.

Prompt: De-Age
Title: I Take My Children Everywhere (But They Always Find Their Way Home)
Author: kellifer_fic
Fandom: MCU
Characters/Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Natasha Romanov
Rating: General audiences
Word Count: 3957
Summary: "Oh my god," Phil groans, smacking a hand over his face just as a tiny Tony Stark marches up to him and very determinedly and with great gusto, kicks him in the shin.
Why I’m Reccing This: I’m reccing this because it is both hilarious and adorable. Steve and Tony get de-aged into five year olds. Why do you need any more incentive than that? Hilarious and adorable.

Prompt: De-Age
Title: Second Chance
Author: arsenicarcher
Fandom: MCU
Characters/Pairing: Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Pepper Potts, Phil Coulson, Natasha Romanov, Bruce Banner
Rating: general audiences (warning - implied child abuse)
Word Count: 8568
Summary: Based on this prompt from avengerkink: Basically I'd just love to see a little Clint running about Stark Tower. Mostly fluff, but with a side of angst/hurt-comfort, please!
Why I’m Reccing This: This one might be worth it purely for the opening scene with mini-Clint and the Hulk. It’s also kind of heartbreaking and sad, though, and I just want to hug them all. There’s plenty of angst, but the way everyone rallies round, the comfort, and the ‘family’ is just lovely.

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