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miscellaneous ramblings and stuff

Life stuff behind the cut

I have a new laptop! There is much squee. Actually, I got a new laptop last weekend but have only just got round to posting anything but fic on lj. I still haven't managed to install Office and stuff on it, mostly due to not having enough time in the evenings, but that should get sorted at the weekend. And there will be even more squee next Friday when i get wireless broadband connected, and then slow-mo dial-ups will be a thing of the past and I can enjoy all those lovely picspams from the comfort of my own home, and not have to have furtive picspam sneaky viewing from work. 

Speaking of work, next week is going to be insane. I've already worked late twice this week, and suspect I'll be working late most days next week as well. Just a vague warning that I'll either be very quite on lj next week, or else quite loud and ranty. I'm not sure which way it's going to go, may depend on how stressful work is. But I have the day off next Friday, so long bank holiday weekend. yey! 

In other news, it's the Alt.Fiction event in Derby this Saturday. I've got my ticket, and I'm quite looking forward to it, even though they don't appear to have got any particularly big names to attend this year. It's basically a day of talks, workshops and discussion groups for fantasy, sci-fi and horror literature, and tends to have a large array of writers and publishers from said genres. Previous events have had the likes of Simon R Green, Ramsey Campbell, Iain M Banks, and Harry Harrison. It's the third year the event has run, I've been to all of them, and I hope it keeps going into the future. I may post about it when I get back on Saturday night. If anyone is in the Derby area and is interested, chances are you can still get tickets on the day.

Check out the Alt.Fiction webpage at or visit the Alt.Fiction blog at 

In random archaeological news, I spotted this article today:

7000 years older than Stonehenge: the site that stunned archaeologists

My first thought was 'wow, monumental site *that* early!' Hot on the heels of that thought, I found myself scouring the article for exactly what evidence they were basing this extremely early date on, and couldn't find any. Don't suppose anyone else has heard of this site or knows anything else about it? 

Even more random miscellany; one of my cacti is flowering. It has huge bright yellow flowers budding at the moment. It's quite pretty and slightly unexpected. I don't remember it doing that this time last year. 

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