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New year round up of 2015

Happy New Year!

Well, I think it's safe to say 2015 was better than 2014.

The big RL thing was (finally) getting made redundant from the old job, and since I hated that job and the horrible boss anyway I pretty much look at that as 'they paid me to leave', which is what I wanted to do anyway, so that was good. I took four weeks break, and then started temping at a new job, which later turned into a new permanent job. The new job is less hours, less stress, less responsibility, and a more friendly working atmosphere than the old job, pays the same amount of money, and has the convenience of being ten minutes walk from home so no more waiting for buses either. So that was a win. And its somewhat notable how much my anxiety and stress levels and depression had dropped since I left the old job as well.

So, fandom and writing. Let's start with word count for the year:

Primeval (fic and dino of the month): 3714
Original writing: 3839
Merlin: 2382
Lewis: 113
The Eagle: 2441
Casualty (crossover fic with Atlantis): 1842
Atlantis (fic, meta, episode reviews): 94,820
Total for 2015: 109,151

\o/ Last year I was a little disappointed when I fell short of 100k with the total of 97,371, so this year I'm happy to say I beat last year and cracked 100k. Of which nearly 95k was Atlantis. Okaaaaay, I knew I'd written a lot of Atlantis this year, but I hadn't realised it was *that* much! Last year my Atlantis total word count was 57,437, so that's massively increased this year. Regardless, despite the fandom being tiny and the BBC cancelling the show (damn you, BBC! *shakes fist), I still feel like I have lots of stories that I want to tell about these characters, so I hope the enthusiasm and motivation keeps up for another year or two, despite the lack of new canon to play with.

Brand new fandom for 2015 was The Eagle, which I turned to when I finally watched the film in August and saw what Fifi meant about the slash you could see from orbit. This was also good because my Primeval bunnies seem to have largely deserted me this year, so I wrote The Eagle fic for Fifi's birthday instead of the usual Connor/Ryan. Other than that, I seem to have dabbled in a few different fandoms, and done graphics but not fic for The 100 (another new fandom for 2015) and Doctor Who as well, but mostly this year's fandom activity has been all about Atlantis.

I'm still having massive amounts of fun with hc_bingo, which was responsible for a great deal of the fic and wallpapers that I produced this year. I managed to complete the smallfandombang fic at the start of the year as well, despite some last minute scrambling for the deadline, and produced my longest Atlantis fic yet - Conversations on a Balcony at over 20k. Obviously I can't have been too traumatised by that experience, because I've signed up for it again, and what's more, I have signed up to write *two* SFB fics this time, both Atlantis. I'm possibly insane, but I'm going to give it a go. January will be very busy with those, I suspect.

The original writing was all for Nottingham Writers' Club. I wrote a couple of articles for the club magazine, and entered one of the short story competitions. The good news is that the one competition that I entered, I won first place. The better news is that at the December awards night I then won the Writer of the Year trophy, which is 'the best of the best' from the winning stories of that year's competitions. \o/ So I may have only entered one competition all year, but I made it count, lol! I've made the usual promise about trying to enter more of the club competitions, both prose and poetry, in 2016, and have got that off to good start by actually getting my entry for the latest prose comp in on time.

I also joined tumblr in 2015, mostly (okay, *entirely*) because that's where most of the Atlantis fandom activity seemed to be happening. Many months later, I still haven't got the hang of half the things on tumblr, but I seem to be managing the basic stuff.

So, I think 2015 seems to have been the year of Atlantis. Shame the BBC cancelled it, really. :-(

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