athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

fanfic: Just Visiting

Title: Just Visiting

Author: Athene

Fandom: Primeval

Pairing/characters: Ryan, Connor

Rating: PG

Warnings: none

Spoilers: none

Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them. Except for Sanctuary, which is entirely the property of Mysteriousaliwz
Word count: approx 500 
Summary: The Sanctuary gets an unexpected visitor. 
AN: Many thanks to Mysteriousaliwz for allowing me to play in the Sanctuaryverse. 

            Ryan was enjoying a leisurely shower when he heard someone knocking on the door. Well, not just someone, given that the only other person here was Stephen. It couldn’t be anyone else. Although the fact that he bothered to knock was a bit strange. Either way, Ryan just called out, “Come in,” and carried on showering.

            “Wait a min- bloody hell!”

            Ryan spun round, and grabbed a towel when he saw Connor standing in the doorway with a stunned expression.

            “What the hell are you doing here?” Ryan demanded.

            “Aren’t you supposed to be dead?” Which, to be fair, was a perfectly reasonable response under the circumstances.

            “Kind of.” Ryan thought for a moment as he wrapped the towel around his waist. “Does this mean you are as well?”

            Connor looked puzzled. “I don’t think so. Last thing I remember I was running away from an entelodon and I think I fell in a river. Next thing I knew I was in a room just down the corridor. And a voice came out of nowhere that called itself the ‘Duty Manager’ and gave me directions to come here.” He suddenly looked quite worried. “Is this the afterlife? Because I have to say, it’s not quite what I imagined.”

            Ryan spotted something that Connor clearly hadn’t, and tapped the small plastic badge that was pinned to Connor’s shirt.

            “You’re probably not dead. Look at this. It says ‘Visitor’, and ‘Temporary Pass’.” Ryan thought for a moment. “It probably means that you’re just having a near death experience or something.”


            “Don’t think about it too hard. It’s probably safer that way.”

“What is this place, anyway?” Connor asked.

            “It’s called Sanctuary. I’d make the most of it while you can.”

He looked at Connor properly for the first time. The young man was soaking wet, and smeared with mud, and starting to shiver, despite the warmth of the corridor and the clouds of steam coming from the shower room. Ryan sighed. He suspected he knew where the Management wanted this to go.

            “You’d better come in and get cleaned up.” He opened the door wider.

            Connor poked his head round the door. “There’s only one shower. I’ll let you finish first.”

            Ryan shook his head, and raised his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. “I don’t think that’s quite what the Management had in mind.”

            It took Connor all of ten seconds to figure it out.


Ryan decided it was almost worth it for the expression on the young man’s face when the penny finally dropped.

“We’d better get a move on,” Ryan said. “The Management can get a bit impatient if we sit around talking for too long.”

            Connor glanced around the shower room, and the corridor that he was still standing in.

            “This ‘Management’? They’re watching us, aren’t they?”

            “Does that bother you?”

            Connor apparently thought about this for several seconds. Then he shrugged, slid into the shower room and started to strip.

            “It’s a bit weird, but it beats being eaten by an entelodon.”

Tags: connor temple, tom ryan
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