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Random Graphic of the month March - e-book covers for the Shapes of Tomorrow series

So, it's random graphic of the month time again. For March, we have a set of e-book covers for an Atlantis fic that ATE MY BRAIN for several months and has finally been finished \o/

The Shapes of Tomorrow series by aislinarchives is an incredibly long slow burn Jason/Pythagoras fic, and it's adorable!

The first one in the series, Triangle Heart is a coda to episode 1.1.

title or description

full size 600 x 800 version here

Part two, Circle of Contemplation picks up in the aftermath of episode 1.8, and is angst central! Yummy!

title or description

full size 600 x 800 version here

And finally the epic finale, Square End, follows on from the events of epsiode 1.11, and at over 70k is almost certainly the longest of long slow burn Jason/Pythagoras fics in the entire fandom.

title or description

full size 600 x 800 version here

Tags: fandom: atlantis, graphics, jason, jason/pythagoras, pythagoras, random graphic of the month, slash

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