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Hurt/Comfort Bingo February Mini Challenge

It's hc_bingo mini challenge time again! Yey! This challenge last year spawned a 7k Atlantis fic which gave a couple of my arachnophobic friends the shivers, so I've no idea what will happen this time, lol!

The Feb challenge is a postage stamp, so I need to write a fic containing all four prompts (at least one of them is always a wild card, which is handy). Hmmm... interesting set of prompts there. The hypoglycemia could be the fun one to fit in (especially if I plan on writing Atlantis, which seems a pretty safe bet). I suppose that's the point of a 'challenge'.

WILD CARD family
cuddling hypoglycemia / low blood sugar

Fic posted - The Proper Care and Feeding of Mathematicians

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