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Hurt/Comfort Bingo round five - card 2

hc_bingo round 5 is almost over, and I've almost exhausted everything that I actively want to fill on the first card. So obviously I have requested a second card, just so I have something to play with and keep me occupied during the six month amnesty period. I can't get any points for it, sadly, but I reckon I've done pretty well on the first card, so I'm not too bothered about that.

It has to be said, I like the look of this card *a lot*! *evil grin*

head trauma serial killers fighting poisoning post-traumatic stress disorder
suicide attempt coma confession in desperate situation heat stroke exhaustion
plane crash hypothermia WILD CARD magical trouble imprisonment
Remember How to Fly (Atlantis)
lacerations / knife wounds deadline / time bomb poltergeist hunger / starvation scars
Forgetting (Atlantis)
severe / life-threatening illness possession / mind control insomnia rejection unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding

Tags: hurt comfort bingo
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