athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

New Doctor Who

Well, I have to say I rather enjoyed that! Far more than I expected to, truth be told.

I was saying to Clea and Celeste earlier that I hadn't really been enjoying DW a whole lot since Amy, Rory and River left (with the exception of the 50th anniversary special), and I really hadn't warmed to Clara in any way ever since she appeared in the show as a regular companion. And okay, I'm still a little 50:50 on the subject of Clara, but as for the new Doctor, from what I've just seen in the first ep, I reckon Peter Capaldi was a damn good choice.

He's doing a very good line in slightly insane, and I don't think I had expected him to be that *funny*, but he made me laugh, a lot (the rant about his eyebrows in particular was brilliant). He's definitely going to be a rather different kind of Doctor, but that's a good thing.

Plus, you've got to love an episode that kicks off a new series with a dinosaur. And they kept the surprise Matt Smith appearance an actual surprise! (to be fair, I hadn't been looking for spoilers, or indeed anything about it prior to it airing, so maybe Matt was only a surprise to me...).

Anyway, I like. And I can't wait for episode three, and Ben Miller.

Tags: doctor who, ramblings, squee, tv

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