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Primeval Bingo Card - Round 4

I'm beginning to think that I may have a problem - I am addicted to fic bingo cards! Having avoided the Primeval Bingo for the first few rounds, I suddenly had a mad urge to play this time, so have signed up for round 4.

I'm rather hoping I can combine some of these with my hurt/comfort and trope bingo cards.

All there remains to do now is wait and see how competitive clea2011 and celeste9 are going to be about this. No doubt they're planning their next blackouts as we speak! :-)

Angst Swarms, Herds and Flocks Humiliation Identity Crisis Dimetrodon
Freckles Fade to Black Sepia Powerful Sensual Pleasures
Triassic Weather Wild Card Asphyxiation Perfect
Getting Physical: touching, hugging and cuddling
The Worm That Turned
Taxes Carboniferous
Undue Provocation
Fire and Firelight
Bright Colours
If You Go Down to the Woods Today...
Terrible Choices Courtship rituals Vacations and Holidays Neogene Pregnancy

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