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Trope Bingo round 3

So, clearly I am *completely insane*, because I've signed up for round three of Trope Bingo. I'm choosing to blame clea2011 for being competitive at me ;-)

Rather disappointingly, it looks like about nine of the squares on my new card are exactly the same as the squares on my first card. But on the plus side, my new card has Food Porn (for which I got bitten by a particularly rabid bunny earlier this week)! But dammit, they've given me Chosen Family *again*! Is the world trying to tell me to write Hercules/Pythagoras or something? And I had absolutely no idea what to do with Rites of Passage/Coming of Age the first time, what makes you think I have any idea what to do with it now???!!!!

Actually, at least two of the duplicate squares from the previous card I already have WIPs for, so I suppose I can transfer those to the new card and start filling the one that I can actually get *points* for, rather than just filling in the old one for the sake of OCD completion.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling. Here's the card. Now, how to combine this with my hc_bingo card for the maximum amount of points...?

E-book cover (Primeval)
au: supernatural
Athos After Dark - wallpaper (The Musketeers)
coming out (of the closet)
Going For It (Primeval)
unexpected friendship food porn
The Taste of Home (Atlantis)
A Proper Family (Atlantis)
au: other
Western AU - graphic (The Musketeers)
epistolary reunion
Stay With Me (Primeval)
chosen family
A Million Little Things (Atlantis)
trust and vows
Sure (The Musketeers)
poor communication skills
Arthur!kitten's Angst - wallpaper (Merlin)
Desperate Measures (Atlantis)
It's Always the Quiet Ones (Atlantis)
trapped in a dream
Waking Nightmare (Atlantis)
au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal snowed in
Winter Nightmare - wallpaper (Primeval)
au: fairy tale / myth forbidden fruit
Temptation - wallpaper (Atlantis)
road trip
character in distress
Knight in Shining Armour (Primeval)
sex pollen
The Red Pollen Incident - wallpaper (Atlantis)
amnesia rites of passage / coming of age

Tags: trope bingo

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