athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

Birthday fic round up

Been a bit of a hectic week, but now I finally have time to do a post-birthday post! Big thanks to everyone who sent messages, virtual gifts, or wished me happy birthday in Sunday chat on Denial. And lots of lovely fic and pics! And this year a few Atlantis fics sneaked in amongst the usual Primeval - you all know me well :-)

Not Easy Being an Omega Is a lovely angsty pup!verse fic from fififolle with Becker and Marcus having a long-dreaded conversation.

Myths By nietie is a funny fic with Connor and Becker watching my *other* favourite tv show - Atlantis!

Down With the Grumps is another pup!verse fic, this time from fredbassett, featuring Allen and the puppies and lots of snuggly hurt/comfort and domsticity.

Lockdown by knitekat is a tense sex pollen scenario with Connor and Lester trapped together and fighting to resist the pollen!

reggietate made me a cute and funny Connor icon. Such a typical Connor moment!

glofigs posted a huge Connor Temple picspam. Nomnomnom!

Properly Receptive to New Ideas is a rather tasty Jason/Pythagoras Atlantis fic by stealingpennies. I gave the prompt 'shirtless Pythagoras', and this fic has a whole lot of shirtless Pythagoras!

All These Words I Just Don't Say by celeste9 is a lovely angsty Jess/Becker, when Jess discovers that being telepathic isn't as much fun as it sounds, and Becker panics. A lot.

cordeliadelayne wrote two drabbles - Not A Fetish is a cute and cheeky Becker/Jess, and A Special Someone is an adorable Jason/Pythagoras Atlantis drabble.

And last but by no means least, clea2011 wrote an epic Becker/Jess angsty hurt/comforty action fic, where Jess is trapped and has only hours to live, and Becker tries to save her. Never Let Me Down Again - part 1 and part 2

Oh, and not forgetting the bonus happy Pythagoras pic from Clea!

Tags: life, random, squee

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