athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

E-book cover - If I Speed Away by Lindenharp

So, a while ago as I was ploughing at speed through the Lewis fic archive on AO3, I came across 'If I Speed Away', by lindenharp,and it ate most of a Saturday morning (it's a little over 34k in total).

As well as eating most of a morning, it apparently ate my brain as well, because there were a few scenes in the fic with some gorgeous visual images that just wouldn't leave me alone. So, when I spotted that there was a 'wingfic' square on my trope bingo card, clearly the only rational response was to make an e-book cover for the fic, using one of those images.

title or description

full size 600x800 here

Despite the whole 'wingfic' aspect, the fic is otherwise thoroughly grounded in the reality of the Lewis TV show, and the relationship between Lewis and Hathaway, and how that relationship develops when Lewis discovers something unexpected about his sergeant. (note - it's gen, not slash)

Read the fic on LJ or on AO3.

Fills my trope bingo card 'wingfic' square.

Tags: fandom: lewis, graphics, james hathaway, robbie lewis, trope bingo

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