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Fanfic: Not Exactly The Great Escape - athene — LiveJournal
Fanfic: Not Exactly The Great Escape
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wendymr From: wendymr Date: September 10th, 2013 03:14 am (UTC) (Link)
Ooh! You're a writer, as well as someone who leaves lovely comments! *points you in the direction of lewis_challenge for future events*

This is just perfect: wonderful in-character banter, as well as concern for each other expressed just at the right level (ie not much at all in words), and some excellent humour - love their rescuer turning out to be Peterson! The title's perfect too.

I see you've already got the offer of an AO3 invitation; I was going to offer the spare I have, so let me know if something happens and you need one after all. Looking forward to more Lewis fic from you!
deinonychus_1 From: deinonychus_1 Date: September 10th, 2013 06:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. It just had to be Peterson, it was too much fun not to *evil grin*.

I've been eying up the Lewis Challenge comm, actually. I found the fandom too late to join in the summer challenge, apart from enjoying all the fic that's been posted for the last month, but I see they're talking about a halloween challenge or something now. Now I've got a first fic out of the way and have more of a feel for writing them, I have to say I'm tempted - I can never resist a fic challenge!
29 comments or Leave a comment