athene (deinonychus_1) wrote,

Birthday fic for Nietie: Hotting Up

Happy Birthday nietie! Hope you're having a lovely day.

Title: Hotting Up
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Ryan, Stephen, Becker, Connor (Stephen/Becker implied)
Rating: 15
Warnings: None
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 360
Summary: It’s a hot day in the ARC, and things are about to get even hotter.
AN: Birthday fic for nietie.
AN2: Can be read as a standalone, but follows on from Testosterone and Competitive.

It was a baking hot day, and despite the air conditioning in the ARC, everyone seemed to be suffering. Ryan was lounging in the break room reading the newspaper when Connor staggered in carrying several boxes, followed closely by Becker and Stephen. He quickly shoved the boxes into the into the freezer section of the fridge.

“Want an ice lolly, Ryan?” Connor asked, sounding remarkably cheerful.

Becker and Stephen has already grabbed a lolly each, and collapsed into seats opposite each other.

“No thanks.” Ryan had an image to maintain, after all.

A few moments later he became aware of a slurping noise. He glanced up to see Stephen slowly, and very deliberately, slide the long thin ice lolly into his mouth and back out again, his eyes on Becker the whole time.

Becker hitched an eyebrow up, and proceeded to just as deliberately lick along the length of his ice lolly, rolling his tongue around its length.

Ryan tried not to sigh, and concentrated quite hard on his newspaper.

There was a wet pop, and Stephen smacked his lips.

Becker followed that with a great deal of sucking, finishing with a hum of satisfaction at the end.

Ryan closed his eyes and counted to ten.

When he made the mistake of glancing up again, Stephen’s cheeks were hollowed around the lolly, and he was smirking at Becker.

Ryan put his paper down.

“Connor, I’ve changed my mind, I think I will have one of those ice lollies, please.”

Connor threw him one, and Ryan considered his options. Then he slid the entire ice lolly into his mouth at once and started to suck, working it with his tongue to break the ice as fast as possible and swallowing the slush until the entire thing was gone and he slid the empty stick back out of his mouth and tossed it into the bin across the other side of the room.

Becker and Stephen were staring at him, their own lollies beginning to melt and drip onto the table.

Ryan stood up and folded the newspaper, and winked at them on his way out.

“Watch and learn, boys. Watch and learn.”

Tags: becker, connor temple, fanfic, slash, slash implied, stephen hart, stephen/becker, tom ryan

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