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fanfic: The Great Protector

Happy Birthday Munchkinofdoom! Sorry this is a little late.

Title: The Great Protector

Author: Athene

Fandom: Primeval

Pairing/characters: Connor/Ryan

Rating: 12

Warnings: implied smut 
Spoilers: none

Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.

Word count: approx 320

Summary: Sometimes, even the tough guys need to be protected.

AN: (slightly late) birthday present for Munchkinofdoom. No smut, I’m afraid, just a bit of fun. 

            Connor was trying not to laugh. He was really trying. If Ryan caught him laughing, it would no doubt lead to some form of creative punishment later. Although they both knew that was less a deterrent and more like an incentive.

            “Stop laughing. It’s not funny.” Ryan did not look happy.

            “No, you’re right. It’s not. Sorry.” Connor attempted to adopt a straight face.

            “You’re still laughing.” He was all outraged accusation and low level panic.

            “Okay. Calm down, tell me where it is, and I’ll deal with it.”


            “Right.” Connor went to investigate.

            In Ryan’s defence, he had to admit it was a quite impressively large spider. In as much as arthropods could have an expression, Connor could have sworn this one was glaring at him as he scooped it up and tipped it out of the window.

            Mission accomplished,” he announced cheerfully as he wandered back into the bedroom. There were definitely brownie points to be earned here. Connor wondered how much he could milk it for a reward later.

            “Did you put it out the window?” Ryan still sounded suspicious.


            “Did you close the window after it?”


            “You didn’t after the last one. It came back.”

            “You’re not going to let me forget that, are you?” Connor knew he was going to start laughing again any moment, and really tried not to. “Look, Ryan, it’s gone. You’re safe. Now go and have a sodding shower.”

            Ryan grumbled his way back to the bathroom.

            Connor waited until he could hear the shower running before he evicted the even larger arachnid that Ryan hadn’t seen lurking in the corner of the bedroom. Entertaining as this could sometimes be, on this occasion Connor decided that discretion was the better part of them both getting any sleep that night.

Besides, he didn’t want any eight-legged interruptions when he claimed his reward later.


Tags: connor temple, fanfic, tom ryan

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