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Birthday fic round-up

I've been meaning to do this for a couple of weeks, but RL has been a bit crazy lately. Thanks to everyone who wrote fic and sent birthday wishes (and halloween virtual gifts) for my birthday in October. It was a particularly excellent birthday because OMGSQUEEEEEE I met Andrew-Lee Potts!!! And, of course, got lots of lovely fic!

Silver Lining by knitekat. Connor/Lester hurt/comfort, with Connor being the one doing the comforting for a change.

Love Hurts by nietie. Angsty Connor/Becker. Very angsty!

Manners Maketh the Man by lukadreaming. More Connor/Becker, this time of the funny and fluffy variety, and with a bonus guest appearance by George!

Waking up with You by fififolle. Lovely happy domestic fluffiness with Connor/Ryan.

Cake by pinkcat4569. Becker tries his hand at baking to surprise Jess. Becker + Jess + cake! Nom!

meet the Ancestors by fredbassett. The team deal with some prehistoric primates, and Becker almost meets his match. And gets very messy!

Filthy Gorgeous by clea2011. Wet and muddy Connor/Becker, with bonus shower!porn.

Take Me Seriously by aunteeneenah. More shower!porn, this time Connor/Ryan.

Home Invasion by tay_21. Very angsty Connor/Abby, with lots and *lots* of whumped!Connor. I must have a reputation for liking Connor!whump, or something... ;-) (still a WiP).

In Writing by celeste9. Becker/Lester hurt/comfort, in which Becker is hurt, and very, *very* demanding when it comes to the comfort!

Hugs to all!

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