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Fanfic: Void

Title: Void - part 1/2
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/characters: Connor/Ryan, Leek
Rating: 18
Warnings: Language, violence, bdsm, flogging, non-con (see also author notes)
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.
Word count: approx 6315 (10,020 in total)
Summary: It was supposed to be their first night out together as Dom and sub, but it wasn’t quite the safe place they thought it was.
AN: Connor fic for the primeval_denial July Team Fest, based on prompts from tay_21 - Connor/Ryan the kinkier and filthier the better! Servitude with heavy bondage and a ball/penis gag at some point. Other suggested kinks: flogging, hair-pulling, collars, biting, electrostim, sounds, etc, and also Leek/Connor noncon- LOTS of Connor whump please. I managed to get in some of those kinks, and then added a few new ones! Note – not eligible for prompt bonus points, as these prompts are actually for Ryan from the January team fest. Oops!
AN2: Is eligible for bonus points from the Kink Bingo Card – orgasm denial, spanking, non-con, leather, bondage, pissing (although the pissing is a bit ‘blink and you miss it’!). Unfortunately, these aren’t in a handy line, so it’s just a bonus point for the first square.
AN3: I also appear to have written a surprise mini-bang. Not bad to say there’s sod all plot!
AN4: Thanks to fififolle for the super speedy beta. And if you're *still* reading the author notes at this point, um... well done?!

Part 1

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Ryan muttered as he pulled the car into a parking space.

Beside him, Connor was practically bouncing with nervous anticipation. Or it might simply just have been fidgeting from the butt plug and chastity belt that were hidden under his leather trousers, Ryan reflected.

“We don’t have to do it if you don’t want,” Connor said.

Ryan shot him a warning glare until Connor realised what he had said, and his eyes widened a fraction.

“Sorry, Master. We don’t have to do this, Master,” he quickly amended. He ducked his head, but Ryan could see the mischievous smile tugging at his mouth. “Sorry, it’s just because we’re, you know, out here. I’m not used to doing this outside our flat.” Connor gestured at the world outside the car, and then wriggled in his seat again.

“Well you’d better get used to it bloody quick. When we get inside if you don’t follow the rules, you will be punished. Is that clear?”

Connor nodded. “Yes, Master. I’m sorry, I’ll behave.”

Ryan hesitated a moment, and then killed the car engine. Then he turned to Connor and met his gaze with a hard stare.

“Sit still, pay attention.”

Connor stopped wriggling immediately, although Ryan saw his fingers gripping the car seat a little tighter.

Ryan made him wait a moment longer to ensure that he had Connor’s full attention.

“Listen to me, Connor. When we get inside, you have to be careful. Do not speak to anyone unless they speak to you directly. Do not make eye contact with anyone except me. Especially not anyone who isn’t wearing a collar. I am your master, but if you have to speak to anyone else who isn’t wearing a collar, be respectful, and at the very least call them sir.”

A look of fear began to creep into Connor’s eyes.

“But no one else can... you know? No one else is going to touch me, right?”

“In theory, no. In practise, there’s plenty of blokes in there who are just looking for a willing sub to play with for the night, and won’t necessarily care that you’re already owned.” Ryan stared hard at Connor to make sure he had got the message. “Stick close to me, and I won’t let anyone else do anything to you. Not without my permission, anyway.”

Connor nodded. The worry was still there, but now Ryan could see the trust in his dark eyes.

“I’ll be careful, Master.”

“Good boy.” Ryan leaned across and slipped his hand around the back of Connor’s head and held him while he kissed him. Connor kissed back eagerly, his hands still gripping the edges of the car seat, Ryan was pleased to note. Ryan broke the kiss and his hand slipped down inside the collar of Connor’s shirt to caress the edge of the leather collar around his neck. Connor gave a contented sigh, and wriggled again.

“No fidgeting,” Ryan ordered.

“Sorry, Master,” Connor mumbled. “Damn plug,” he added in an even quieter voice.

Ryan sat back in his seat, no longer entirely sure that this was a good idea. Connor couldn’t even behave correctly, and they weren’t even out of the car yet.

“Ryan?” Connor asked in a quiet, tentative voice.

“Get out of the car,” Ryan suddenly decided.

He got out and marched around to Connor’s side while his sub was still climbing out, a soft hiss escaping as the plug no doubt shifted within him at the movement.

As soon as Connor was out, Ryan grabbed his arm, spun him round against the car, and smacked his backside twice. Connor bit off a yelp, and immediately became still.

“When I tell you to stop fidgeting, you stop bloody fidgeting, is that clear, boy?”

“Yes, Master.”

Ryan was gratified to note the tone of respect in Connor’s voice which had been largely absent when they were in the car.

“That’s better. But I think that when we get home I need to give you a proper reminder lesson about how to behave. I’d give you one right here, but I suspect there are security cameras in this car park.”

He felt Connor stiffen a fraction, and Ryan put a gentle hand on his back.

“This was your idea, Connor,” Ryan reminded him in a softer voice. “You were the one who asked to come here. You said you were okay with being collared outside the house, and that includes everything else that goes with wearing the collar. Now’s the time to say if you can’t do this. We go home now, no questions asked, no recriminations.”

He felt Connor’s back rise and fall heavily under his hand as the young man breathed deeply. Then Connor turned his head enough to meet Ryan’s eye.

“I want to do this, Master.”

Ryan nodded once.

“Good boy.”

Ryan locked the car and set a brisk pace towards their destination, Connor a half step behind him.

Despite his lingering misgivings, Ryan could also feel a sense of anticipation and excitement curling within him at the thought of taking Connor out like this. They were open about their relationship, but they kept the Dom/sub aspects private and entirely separate from work. True, Connor had an ankle bracelet and a small tattoo in an unobtrusive place, both declaring him Ryan’s property, but they were both easily hidden, and existed more as a reminder for Connor than for anyone else’s benefit. Today was the first time that Connor had ever worn the collar or called him ‘Master’ outside of their home. It was no real wonder that he was having trouble adjusting.

Ryan glanced across at Connor and gave him a reassuring smile, and then turned down a dimly lit alleyway and headed for an inconspicuous door halfway down. He paused in front of the unmarked door. It had been a while since he had last been here, and yet all the old feelings of need, arousal, anticipation, and a tiny hint of trepidation were building within him, just as they had done every time before.

He glanced up and down the alleyway once, checking they were alone. Then he pushed the door open and put his hand on the small of Connor’s back and ushered him inside, and closed the door behind them.

They were in a long narrow corridor, and Ryan led the way along it to another door at the end. There were security cameras watching over the corridor, and Ryan paused for a moment, letting the camera at the far end get a good look at him, before he knocked on the second door. It opened almost immediately, and Ryan belatedly glanced at Connor, and was pleased to see his head was bowed and his eyes were firmly on the floor. He never once let his hand leave the small of Connor’s back, and again ushered him through into the room beyond.

It had barely changed at all since the last time he had been here, three years ago. The antechamber was a small room with a counter to one side, and a changing area lined with lockers opposite the counter. There was a man behind the counter wearing a plain black shirt, and another man closed the door behind them and nodded silently to Ryan. Ryan acknowledged him, and then went over to the counter.

The man behind the counter looked at Connor appraisingly.

“Black or red?” the man asked Ryan.

“Red, please. Just a tag, he’s already collared.”

“Very well.”

While the man turned around to a lockable cupboard behind the counter, Ryan glanced at Connor, and realised the young man was stealing a worried look at him, at the same time as trying to keep his head down. Ryan gave him a quick reassuring smile before the man behind the counter returned to them.

“Has it been before?” The man asked.

Ryan inwardly cringed, but showed no outward reaction to the man’s words. He disliked the way the staff here referred to the collared subs as ‘it’.

“I’ve been here several times, but it’s my boy’s first time.”

“It knows the rules?”


“Very good. And will you be requiring any extra items, sir?”

“Just the tag and the locker, please.”

The man handed over a red teardrop shaped metal tag on a short chain, and a key, and indicated the row of lockers on the opposite wall.

Ryan handed over his money and thanked the man, and then led Connor over to the changing area.

“Take off your shirt.”

“What?” Connor’s eyes were suddenly wide.

For the second time that night, Ryan spun Connor round and smacked his backside. He suspected that the leather trousers were probably absorbing most of the force of his blows, but that was beside the point. Even so, shock was warring with contrition in Connor’s expression, and Ryan suspected that was probably more to do with the fact that it was the first time he had ever been disciplined in public. If he didn’t start behaving a little better, Ryan also suspected it wouldn’t be the last time tonight.

“Shirt, now. And if you speak out of turn again I will hire a gag for the night as well.”

Connor’s eyes momentarily flickered to the other two men, and then his gaze locked with Ryan’s, seeking reassurance, as he started to unbutton his shirt, his fingers fumbling clumsily at the buttons. Ryan nodded his approval, and waited. Connor eventually got it off, and Ryan folded the shirt and placed it in the locker, along with his own jacket.


Connor dropped to his knees, stifling a gasp, and Ryan saw his hands clench into fists on his thighs. Ryan got the distinct impression Connor was resisting the urge to cover his bare chest with his arms, and allowed himself a tiny smile of approval.

Ryan attached the tag to the front of Connor’s collar and secured it in place with the little locking clip at the end of the chain. It dropped to hang just below Connor’s throat, red and obvious against his pale chest.

Satisfied that it was properly secured, Ryan turned back to the locker and retrieved the short length of chain from his jacket, and attached that to Connor’s collar as well, creating a lead. He closed and secured the locker, and then tugged the lead until Connor quickly stood up. The trepidation was clear in Connor’s eyes, and in his stance, but Ryan was beginning to feel a familiar thrill of excitement as he led Connor to another door on the side of the changing area.

There was a button beside the door, and Ryan pressed it. A moment later there was a quiet buzz, and the door unlocked, and he pushed it open and led Connor through.

As the door closed behind them, Ryan leaned close and whispered in Connor’s ear.

“Welcome to Void.”

Connor wasn’t entirely sure what he had been expecting, but this... wasn’t it. They were on a walkway looking down over a large room that was laid out very much like a regular bar or nightclub, with a large open space filled with circular tables and chairs, a stage at one side, and the bar at the other. There were booths and dividing walls around the edges that allowed for more private areas. Some unidentifiable rock music was playing, but unlike most clubs, it wasn’t so loud that people had to shout to make conversation. In fact, the hum of noise in the room was surprisingly low. The lights were dim, but Connor could see that the place was at least three quarters full.

He was still trying to take everything in when Ryan tugged on the chain lead, and Connor followed him along the balcony and down the metal grille steps into the main room. The lead was new, and Connor wasn’t entirely sure he liked it, but he knew better than to protest. He was already feeling ashamed of his hesitation when Ryan had told him to take his shirt off. Although, a little warning in advance might have been nice! It was reassuring to note that he wasn’t the only collared sub who was bare-chested, though. In fact, from his (admittedly short) initial scan of the room, there was more than one who was practically naked save for his collar.

Ryan paused at the bottom of the stairs, obviously looking for a free table. Over the quiet hum of conversation, Connor suddenly heard the unmistakeable sound of leather hitting skin, and he couldn’t help shuffling closer to Ryan. He tried to furtively glance around the room for the source of the noise while keeping his eyes downcast. Ryan had told him not to make eye contact with anyone, and Connor didn’t want to give his master any more reason to be disappointed in him tonight.

A moment later he was being led to a small table by the wall near the stage. Ryan sat down with his back to the wall so he could see the room. Connor had no idea if he was allowed to sit or not, so he remained still, his gaze fixed on the chain that Ryan still hadn’t let go of.

“On your knees,” Ryan said.

Connor immediately complied, biting back a hiss as the butt plug shifted within him again, grazing his prostate as it had done too many times since Ryan had put it in him earlier that evening.

“Good boy,” Ryan said quietly, and Connor heard the approval in his voice. Ryan let go of the lead and gently stroked Connor’s head, soothing him.

“The plug still bothering you?” he asked, and this time there was amusement in his voice.

Connor nodded.

“I’m not used to walking around so much with it, Master,” Connor admitted.

He was more than familiar with the sensation of having a plug inside him, but only when they were at home, and normally he wasn’t doing much more than sitting or lying down with it in. The car journey had been torture, and the walk here had been even worse as every step teased and aroused. Connor knew if it wasn’t for the metal plate of the chastity belt imprisoning his cock he would be hard and desperate by now. As it was, his cock wasn’t able to get hard, and until the belt was removed he was completely unable to touch himself to gain any relief, even if he was allowed to.

Desperate was another matter entirely, though. The constant tease of the plug, combined with the belt, was one of the most effective methods of frustration and denial that Ryan had ever used on him, and Ryan didn’t even need to be touching him to achieve it!

Almost as if he could read Connor’s mind, Ryan reached down and prodded at Connor’s trousers until he found the base of the plug with his finger, making Connor stifle a groan as it pushed a little further in. Ryan massaged it for several moments, and Connor let his eyes slip closed and his breathing hitched at the sensations flooding through him. Eventually Ryan let go, and sat back upright again.

“You’re doing well,” Ryan said. “Better than I expected. I’m proud of you.”

Connor felt a smile tugging at his lips, and he laid his head on Ryan’s knee, and settled down into a slightly more comfortable position. He would happily keep the thing in all night if it earned him more words of praise from his master.

“I’m going to get some drinks, I’ll only be a minute. Stay here. Behave.”

Connor nodded at the unmistakable order, but as soon as Ryan left their table he twisted round to watch him head to the bar.

Now he was here, Connor wondered whether it had been a mistake to say he wanted this.

When Ryan had first mentioned Void, Connor had been fascinated. Ryan, being Ryan, hadn’t been overly forthcoming with details, but Connor had continued to pester, even despite the occasional light punishment when he pushed too far. It was possibly because Ryan had been so mysterious that had made it seem so exciting, and it suddenly occurred to Connor to wonder if his master had actually known exactly what he was doing to make Connor ask for this as if it was his idea. Sneaky bugger!

Ryan reappeared with a bottle of water for himself and a coke for Connor. He passed his coke down, and Connor sipped at it slowly. He had learned from experience that taking a piss while wearing the chastity belt was not necessarily difficult, but it was certainly undignified and frequently messy, so he had no intention of trying it in the public toilets here.

Ryan placed a finger under his chin and brought his head up, and Connor looked up at him, questioning.

“It’s okay, you can take a look around. That’s why you’re here, after all. Just remember what I said about eye contact.”

Connor nodded, and then let his gaze roam around the room.

His initial impression was that, part from the preponderance of collars and colour coded tags worn by at least half of the men in the place, and the occasional semi-naked sub, it could have been an ordinary nightclub. And yet it didn’t take long for his eye to be drawn towards the things that were far from ordinary. Across the other side of the room, a man wearing a collar was on his knees and giving what looked like a very thorough blowjob to another man who was lounging against the wall and talking to someone else, barely even acknowledging what was going on below.

Connor saw movement at another table not far away, and found himself staring in fascination as a young man wearing a black collar and teardrop tag, and not a whole lot else, was pulled over his Dom’s knee and given a prolonged spanking. The more the collared man tried to rut against his master’s knee, the harsher his punishment became, until Connor could see tears trickling down the young man’s face.

Connor felt himself flushing, and shifted a little, deliberately clenching around the plug, and flexing his hands on his thighs.

Was that what he looked like when he was being disciplined? He hadn’t forgotten Ryan’s promise in the car that he was due a reminder lesson on how to behave, and the thought made Connor’s cock twitch within the confines of the belt. What would it be like to be stripped naked and spanked in public? To have all these strangers witness his punishment? To let others see the plug and the belt, and know how completely his master controlled his cock and his arse? He had been momentarily horrified at being smacked in front of the doormen in the reception area, but now the thought was making him squirm with both need and shame in equal measure.

He glanced up at his master, and realised that Ryan was watching him with an expression that was both far too amused, and far too knowing for Connor’s liking.

Connor took another sip of his coke, and let his gaze wander around the room again until he became aware of a man staring straight at him. Connor stared back for a second until he looked a little lower and he realised the man wasn’t wearing a collar. Connor immediately turned away, his heart suddenly racing. He looked up at Ryan, but he didn’t seem to have noticed, his attention now on the stage.

The table was half blocking his view, so Connor shuffled sideways a little to see what Ryan was looking at. At the moment there was only a couple of the black-shirted staff moving chairs and things around, but it was obvious that something was going to happen soon from the way that people had stopped milling around except for back at the bar, and they now seemed to be finding seats and settling down. The naked boy’s spanking was finally over, and he was curled up at his master’s feet, occasionally wiping his face. Connor found himself watching the young man, willing him to look this way. Ryan hadn’t said anything about not talking to other people like himself, and Connor suddenly had an urge to make contact with someone else who might understand the things he could never talk about with anyone but Ryan.

The lights suddenly dimmed, and Connor risked looking back at the other man he had seen earlier. He was thin, older than Ryan, wearing dark trousers and what seemed to be a dark coloured shirt, but he was obviously not one of the members of staff. And he was still staring right at Connor. Before Connor could avert his gaze again, the man smiled at him, and Connor felt ice chips skitter down his naked spine.

It was the smile of a predator.

For a second he was torn between the instinct response to look away, and not wanting to lose sight of where the man was. The thin man dropped a hand to his crotch and began to stroke himself through the fabric of his trousers, and at that moment Connor did look away.

“Ry- Master?”

Ryan obviously noticed the sudden change in his tone, and suddenly his full attention was on Connor.

“I, uh...”

Connor hesitated. He had never been here before, but from what little he had seen, maybe the man’s behaviour was perfectly normal. And he was right over the other side of the room, it wasn’t like he had actually done or said anything threatening. Ryan hid it well, but Connor knew how much he had been looking forward to coming here again once it had been suggested. Connor didn’t want to spoil it by making a fuss, or doing something wrong.


He quickly made a decision to wait and see, and learn the proper etiquette before he said anything. He quickly changed tack.

“What’s the difference between the red and the black tags? What do they mean?”

Ryan frowned for a moment, and Connor was suddenly sure his master knew that wasn’t what Connor had originally intended to say. Then Ryan reached out and started stroking his hair again.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to ask that. Red means you’re already owned and exclusive property of your master. Black either means you’re looking for a Dom for the night, or that your current master doesn’t care if someone else wants to use you. Black means that anyone can do whatever they want to you, and that includes punishment, if necessary.”

Connor turned that over in his mind, and almost unconsciously fingered the red tag hanging from his collar. Why the hell would anyone want to let a complete stranger do that? He hadn’t given that level of control to Ryan until they trusted each other completely.

He was distracted from his thoughts, or any further questions, because at that moment the lights dimmed completely. A moment later, lights illuminated the stage, where an upright rectangular frame with cuffs hanging from the corners had now appeared. A blond man, a few years older than Connor, was led out and locked into the frame, his wrists and ankles spread wide to the corners. His master prowled around him, a thin, cruel looking riding crop in his hands.

“This one needs to learn control,” the man with the whip spoke, his voice amplified by a microphone on the stage floor so it was audible even over the music that continued to play. “If he comes without permission again he will be punished.”

Connor watched the blond man’s expression. He recognised all too well the mixture of nervous tension and need in the blond man’s eyes, and Connor felt himself squirming against his own arousal before they had even started.

Even so, he couldn’t tear his eyes away as the blond man was touched, stroked, caressed until his cock was hard and he was obviously fighting the need to come. Connor felt the heat coursing though him, his own cock straining against the confines of the chastity belt. He clenched around the plug, knowing it was fruitless, knowing that it was almost certainly going to make his frustration worse, but unable to sit still and do nothing.

Beside him, he was aware of Ryan’s hand slipping down to caress the bulge at his crotch. Connor couldn’t stop the quiet whine from escaping, and dug his fingers hard into his leather trousers.

“Something you want, boy?” Ryan asked, amusement in his eyes when he turned to look at Connor.

Connor nodded, unable to stop himself.

“Have you forgotten what I said already?” Ryan said, not unkindly. “The belt will stay on until we get home tonight. And even then, I’ll only unlock it if I think you deserve it.”

Connor fought hard to quell the momentary hope that had flared within him, and nodded again. “Thank you, Master.”

“Good boy. Now, come here. You may not be able to fully enjoy the show, but I can.”

Connor stifled a groan, and crawled under the table to kneel between Ryan’s legs, and quickly undid his trousers, freeing his cock.

“Use your mouth. No hands.”

Connor quickly linked his hands at his back, and leaned forward and took Ryan’s cock in his mouth. He turned his full attention to his master’s pleasure, using his tongue in just the ways that he knew Ryan liked, drawing back and changing tack every time he felt Ryan getting too close. Concentrating all his thoughts to the task went some way to distracting himself from his own predicament, but not enough that he wasn’t aware of the arousal coiling deep within him, and the way his cock twitched and tried again and again to swell and harden, and was constantly denied.

He heard a sudden crack of leather hitting skin, and a cry, and realised the blond man had failed to follow his instruction to not come without permission. If anything, the thought of what he could hear but now not see happening made Connor even more desperate for his own release. He bit back another groan, and swirled his tongue in the way that he knew Ryan liked. He was rewarded with a soft sound of pleasure, and focussed all his attention on ensuring that everything he did drew more of those sounds from his master for as long as possible.

Connor lost himself in the task until Ryan began to thrust into his mouth and Connor recognised the sign and swiftly brought Ryan to climax. He swallowed as Ryan pumped into his mouth, and closed his eyes and savoured the sensations that rippled through his aching, frustrated body.

Ryan reached down and patted his head.

“Good boy, you’re doing so very well.”

“Thank you, Master.”

He hadn’t been told he could move yet, but Ryan tugged on his collar, and Connor crawled out from under the table and knelt at Ryan’s side again.

He became aware that the blond man was still being punished, and when he stole a glance at the stage he could see from the man’s expression that there was no longer any pleasure in it, if there ever had been to start with. Connor winced, suddenly glad that he had a master like Ryan. When he sought eye contact with Ryan, Connor suddenly realised that Ryan was watching the scene on stage with a slight frown.

Was this not normal? Connor wondered. He risked a look around and saw that while the occasional face in the crowd seemed concerned, many were watching with rapt expressions, obviously getting off on watching the punishment. Connor shivered, and tried to shuffle closer to Ryan. Despite Ryan’s assurance that no one else would touch him, Connor was suddenly, and completely unexpectedly, grateful for the belt and the plug. The fact that his cock and his arse were locked away from anyone but Ryan made him feel safe.

Ryan suddenly stood up.

“I need to take a leak. Do you need to go?”

“No, Master.”

“Okay, stay here. Remember the rules.”

For a moment Connor was hit with the sudden urge to go with Ryan. He didn’t want to be left alone. But at the last second he stopped himself. He trusted Ryan, and he trusted that Ryan would never have brought him here if there was any real danger. He was just being silly.

Still, he watched Ryan make his way across the room, past the bar, to the back of the club, until he finally disappeared behind a group clustered together and Connor lost sight of him.

He turned back and dropped his head to stare at his knees. No matter how many times he told himself he was being silly, he was suddenly sure that he didn’t want to attract any attention by looking around and making eye contact with anyone. He just wanted to be small and inconspicuous until Ryan came back.

On the stage, the punishment seemed to have finally ended, and the blond man was taken away, his back and arse criss-crossed with angry red lines. Connor’s need to come had diminished somewhat in the last few minutes, but even so, he took the opportunity to press his hand against the front of his trousers. The curving metal plate of the chastity belt felt reassuringly solid, and he knew there was no way he could possibly touch himself, or achieve any relief by rubbing the plate, but he did it nevertheless.

“Now, I don’t think you should be doing that, should you?”

The thin man suddenly appeared at his side and sprawled into Ryan’s seat.

Connor snatched his hand away and gripped his thighs again, staring intently at his knees.

“No, Sir.”

“What would your master say if he knew? How would he punish you?” The thin man spread his legs and out of the corner of his eye, Connor could see him stroking himself.

“I don’t know, Sir,” Connor said quietly.

Where was Ryan? Connor’s heart was racing, but he didn’t want to break the rules. He needed Ryan to come back soon.

The thin man reached for him, and his fingers gripped Connor’s jaw, forcing him to look up and meet the man’s eye. For a split second, Connor wondered if this was how a mouse felt when it looked into the eyes of a snake. He fought to suppress a shiver that had nothing to do with the air against his naked chest.

“You’re a pretty one, aren’t you? My name’s Oliver, by the way. Oliver Leek. But of course, you’ll call me Sir.”

“My master will be back in a minute, Sir,” he stuttered.

Leek’s face twisted into a sneer.

“No, he won’t. You’re mine, now.” He reached for Connor and grabbed the chain lead that still hung from his collar. Connor tried to pull back, but Leek yanked on the chain and dragged him forwards until Connor’s face was practically in his crotch.

“Please, Sir, I have a red tag,” Connor babbled, trying to push himself away again.

“I don’t give a fuck what colour tag you have. I said, you’re mine. Now why don’t you put that mouth to good use, instead of talking your way into an even better punishment than you’ve already earned?”

“Please, Sir, let me go.”

Connor tried to push away again. Anger flashed in Leek’s eyes, and he wrapped the short chain around his hand and stood up, yanking Connor with him. Connor scrambled to get his feet under him, the leather of his collar biting into the back of his neck. He cried out, part fear, part pain. Leek used the chain to pull him closer, until Connor could feel the man’s breath on his face, and smell the alcohol.

“I am going to enjoy this,” Leek said.

Abruptly he turned and dragged Connor through the club towards the back of the room. Connor desperately looked around at the others seated at tables or standing at the bar. Surely someone would stop this? Then he realised that most of them had deliberately turned away. The few who did meet his eye, including the boy who had been spanked earlier, quickly averted their gaze.

Connor was so shocked he barely realised how far he had been dragged until Leek pushed him through a door into a small room. One of the black-shirted members of staff followed them in and closed the door behind them.

Leek shoved Connor hard and let go of the chain lead, and Connor stumbled and fell to his knees.

“Please, Sir. I have a red tag, you can’t do this.” Connor hated the way his voice trembled, but he had to try. He had to keep resisting until Ryan came for him and stopped this.

“Oh, I can do what I like. You see, I own this place. All the staff work for me. All the patrons know better than to challenge me. I can have whatever, and whoever I like, and no one is going to stop me.”

“My master-”

“Is currently being delayed by members of my staff to ensure that we are not interrupted. So I suggest you start obeying me.”

Connor suddenly understood, and fear rippled though him. He had held back despite his fear because he didn’t want to break the rules and disappoint Ryan. But this wasn’t normally accepted behaviour here. This wasn’t supposed to happen. And that meant the rules were irrelevant.

Connor launched himself at Leek, barrelling into the man and throwing him against the wall. Connor twisted away from him and went for the door, and ran straight into the man in the black shirt. The man lashed out with a blow that caught Connor across the jaw. Connor was still reeling from the shock of the blow when his arms were grabbed and twisted up behind his back.

“Help!” Connor yelled. “Someone help me!”

A blow lashed across his face, and then another across the back of his knees that made his legs buckle, and forced him to his knees.

He opened his mouth to yell again, and suddenly Leek was there in front of him, and grabbed hold of his face while he forced something into Connor’s mouth. He tried to fight, thrashing his head away, until the man in the black shirt transferred his hold to grip both of Connor’s wrists in one hand, and used his other arm to hold Connor’s head still. Leek shoved the rubber penis gag into Connor’s mouth, and strapped it into place around his head. It was huge, and it forced his mouth wide open, trapped his tongue and brushed against the back of his throat, making him gag.

Leek gripped Connor’s chin and forced him to look up. There was fury in Leek’s eyes that quickly morphed into a sadistic smile.

“That’s better. I was getting sick of your whining. Although it does mean I can’t make use of your mouth in other ways, which is a shame. Maybe later, when you’ve learned to obey me properly.”

Connor shook his head, still struggling, even though he knew it was pointless. All he could think was that he needed to get away. He needed to resist for as long as possible to give Ryan time to find him. Ryan would find him, no matter what Leek said.

He was manhandled to his feet, and then pushed towards the wall opposite the door, his hands still trapped behind his back by the man in the black shirt. Connor understood immediately what was about to happen. The wall was mounted with a frame similar to the one on the stage earlier, but this one had several horizontal bars at different heights. He tried to struggle, but against both of them it was useless. While the man in the black shirt held him in place, Leek locked first one wrist, and then the other, into hard leather cuffs, and pulled them taut so that Connor’s arms were stretched wide to the highest bar.

He tried to turn his head to see what was going on behind him, but with his arms held like that he could barely move. He wanted to shout and scream for help, but the gag muffled his cries and every time the rubber cock brushed against the back of his throat it made him gag again. He knew if he did throw up he really was going to choke, and that thought frightened him into becoming quiet.

“That’s better,” Leek commented. “Now, let’s get rid of these clothes, and then we can start.”

Connor felt hands reach round to undo his trousers, and he felt a fresh surge of panic and tried to kick out at Leek, but the leather trousers were yanked down to his knees, more or less trapping his legs.

Leek laughed out loud.

“Oh, look at this. I haven’t seen a chastity belt like this for a while. And a plug as well. What have you done to deserve this?” Leek leaned close and Connor felt his breath against his ear. “I’m going to enjoy this even more than I expected. I can come as many times as I like, all the while knowing that you can’t.”

Ryan will save me, Connor thought desperately.

Leek spoke into his ear again.

“But first, I think there’s the matter of your punishment. You refused me. And you attacked me. I can’t let you get away with that sort of behaviour.”

He stepped back away from Connor, and a moment later Connor heard the unmistakeable snap of leather. He tensed and pressed his forehead against the bar in front of him.

Please, Ryan. Please find me.

Part 2... coming soon

Tags: connor temple, connor/ryan, fanfic, slash, tom ryan

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