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Abby Meta - part 13. Episode 2.7

Series 2, episode 7

Abby and Connor are being held in a cell in Leek’s base. Leek and a soldier bring Caroline in, and Abby catches onto the truth extremely quickly. She tells Connor, “For someone really smart, you can be amazingly thick sometimes.”

While Leek mocks Connor, Abby alternately watches Leek, and glares at Caroline. Then she cuts to the chase: “Where’s Rex?” When Caroline replies, “Who cares?” it’s more than enough to make Abby walk over and grab Caroline and deliberately pick a fight. Abby tells Caroline she’s going to enjoy this as they square off against each other. Throughout the fight they actually seem fairly evenly matched, trading punches and kicks and grapples until Connor eventually pulls them apart and holds Abby. When Caroline thanks him, he tells Caroline that he didn’t do it for her.

This fight has been coming ever since episode 2.2. When it finally happens, it isn’t about Connor, it’s about the fact that both women have hated each other for some time, and Rex provides the excuse Abby has been looking for. The outcome of the fight itself is inconclusive, but it doesn’t matter – they’ve both got it out of their systems finally.

Leek shows Abby, Connor, Caroline and Jenny the cage room. Caroline’s terrified reaction prompts Abby to ask, “You didn’t know?” and she seems to thaw a fraction towards the other woman. Then she sees Rex in one of the cages, and runs over and tries to touch him, but they are separated by some sort of electrical force field.

Back in the cell, Abby and Connor talk about Caroline, and Abby claims she knew there was ‘something fake’ about her, because she always acted so ‘lovey dovey’ but never let Connor kiss her. Connor reveals that actually they did kiss, just not when Abby was around. Abby doesn’t even try to hide her surprise, and asks, “Well, couldn’t you tell she was faking it?” Connor’s lack of response and embarrassed expression tells Abby all she needs to know, and she simply comments, “Never mind,” and drops the subject.

Abby seems both surprised at the implications for Connor’s inexperience, and at the same time completely resigned to the fact that he is a socially inept relationship disaster zone. This is also the closest Abby comes to saying ‘I told you so’ about Caroline.

Abby, Connor, Jenny and Caroline are put into a large room and the sabre-tooth cat is let in. When Caroline tries to run, Abby grabs her and pulls her back to the group, saying that it will pick off any stragglers first. Then, however, Abby breaks away from the cluster and begins to approach the cat, staring right at it. She says it has to decide whether she’s dangerous or not. Presumably the fact that she isn’t acting afraid and is staring it down might make it hesitate, at least for a while (although see darkhorse_99’s meta about Abby and the animals for an alternative view on this). Nevertheless, once it has made its mind up, Abby knows it will eat her. She backs away from the others, leading the cat away from them, and ducks at the last second when it pounces. Luckily the doors open at that moment, and they all run. Abby protests, “What about Cutter?” but Connor is pulling her away, and Jenny insists Cutter will be okay.

Out of the four people in the group, Abby knows she is the most competent fighter, and also the one most able to read animal body language, and so she takes charge of the situation. She is presumably hoping to buy some time by keeping the cat occupied and away from the others for as long as possible, although her plan doesn’t seem to go much further than that, and unless she gets extremely lucky, she appears to know that it’s ultimately a suicidal plan.

They find Rex on the way out, although he does get injured and almost left behind. Abby seems genuinely grateful to Caroline when she is the one who brings Rex out and shows concern for his welfare. It’s hardly a ‘forgive and forget’ moment, but, whatever her feelings about the woman now, Abby appreciates the gesture.

At Stephen’s funeral, Caroline approaches Abby and Connor and tries to apologise, but neither of them respond. As they walk away, Abby seems to reach for Connor’s hand, but he doesn’t notice, and Abby quickly pulls her hand away and also physically pulls away from him, creating a wider gap where before they had been walking very close beside each other. It may have been simply an attempt to offer mutual comfort given the circumstances, or it may have been something more. As we can’t see their expressions, it’s impossible to tell.

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