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Drabble: Connor's Best Nights Ever

Written for primeval100 challenge 253 - Best Night Ever.

I know I had something of a ramble on the subject of drabble series recently, but I'm *fairly* sure each of these could be read alone, but they also make a story greater than the sum of its parts.

Title: Connor’s Best Nights Ever
Author: Athene
Fandom: Primeval
Characters: Connor/Abby, Cutter, OCs
Rating: 15
Warnings: Implied smut
Spoilers: 4.1
Challenge: 253 – Best Night Ever
Word count: 100 (4 x 100 drabbles)
Disclaimer: Not mine. ITV and Impossible Pictures own them.

Connor’s Best Night Ever - 2006

“We’re just off for a few drinks. Want to come, Connor?”

“Don’t bother asking, he doesn’t even drink,” Adam interrupted before Connor could reply.

Connor heard the door slam shut, and the sound of his housemates’ laughter disappeared along the street. He couldn’t help wondering what might happen if he said yes. If he went out getting pissed every weekend like other students.

But hey, he didn’t need alcohol to have fun. He had pizza, popcorn, and all the Star Wars DVDs to keep him company.

As far as he was concerned, that was pretty much the best night ever.

Connor’s Best Night Ever – 2007

Cutter sat down next to him on the park bench, but his attention was directed at the sparkling anomaly in the middle of the picnic area.

“Triceratops was my favourite when I was little,” Connor said.

“Bet you never thought you’d end up being chased by one?”

Connor just laughed.

“You did well today,” Cutter said quietly. “Smart thinking.”

Connor knew he was grinning like an idiot, but he didn’t care. This was his life now. Dinosaurs and people who really wanted him around.

He might be sat outside in the freezing cold, but this was the best night ever.

Connor’s Best Night Ever – 2011


Abby chuckled, and continued to trace random patterns on his chest with her fingers.

Connor wriggled, enjoying the softness of the sheets that cocooned them (and god, didn’t that feel absolutely wonderful after a year of sleeping on the ground?).

“Wow,” he said again, his brain still coasting on the post-orgasmic high.

Abby’s forehead suddenly creased. “Connor? You have... that wasn’t your first time, was it?”


Abby smiled and leaned over and captured his lips for another kiss.

“You were great, Connor. Want to make it a second time as well?”

This was officially his best night ever.

Connor’s Best Night Ever – 2013

Becker chased the triceratops down the street and back to the Cretaceous, and then Matt closed the anomaly down as the crowd cheered. Connor smiled at their action-man antics as the news report ended.

“Typical Becker,” Abby murmured. She rolled her eyes and snuggled closer.

Connor wished he could have been there today – triceratops, after all – and to see the successful debut of his own latest anomaly-related invention, but he was on leave for a reason.

He looked down at baby Katie, asleep in his arms, and Connor’s smile got bigger.

This was... it didn’t get much better than this.

Tags: abby maitland, connor temple, connor/abby, drabble, gen, het, nick cutter

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